Imagine for a moment

you are strong, healthy, and confident. You wake up full of energy ready to tackle whatever the day brings you....

What if you had the tools to get that life? The one where you feel fit, strong, confident...and you can enjoy life with your family and children without feeling overtired, over-stressed, and over-worked?

As a woman over 40, you have the benefits of wisdom and life experience on your side. You no-doubt know yourself better than anyone, but maybe becoming a mom later in life has thrown you a little curve ball!

You may have tried other programs that promise quick weight loss or a flat belly. You probably found that they either don't give you the results you want, or you were totally unhappy doing it and quit because you were miserable.

Not only are you adjusting to life after pregnancy and child birth, but you've also got to contend with things like fluctuating hormones, exhaustion, brain fog, and a host of other symptoms keeping you from enjoying life.

Coaching with me will give you tons of strategies that will help you learn how to navigate your postpartum journey. You'll discover everything you need to find what motivates you, how to create time for self-care, and how to exercise in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.



"What I loved about working with Kate was her ability to offer me a different perspective about how I was feeling about my postpartum body.  It's ok to love myself as I am now, and as I continue to work on improving myself. Her coaching has also encouraged me to increase the visibility in my business, and let go of judgement that I have towards my body in the process."- Rosanna I.

happy mom and baby on beach  have fun while learning to walk and  make first steps

Here’s what you’ll discover during our sessions:

  • Uncover what’s really keeping you from have the body, health and energy that you want.

  • Create your wellness vision-what exactly does it mean for YOU to be a “healthy mom”?

  • Get super clear on your step-by-step plan to make that vision your reality!

What can you expect from my coaching program?

My commitment is to you and your unique needs and challenges as a woman over 40 who is also a new mom.

If you work with me, I don't just give you a list of things that you "need" to do, prescribe a workout and send you on your way! We'll address your questions, your concerns, and your real-life challenges so that I can guide you in creating healthy change that lasts.

There may be a little tough love involved, and it will require work from you...but we will definitely have fun- I whole-heartedly believe that the key to sticking to anything is to enjoy what you do! I don't promise huge changes in a short amount of time, but if you're committed to taking small steps forward each and every day, you can get the results you want!


"To see and feel results both inside and out, it's critical to have someone in your corner who is experiencing everything you are going through once you reach your late 30s and beyond. Women go through so many changes, and Kate not only has the experience of nearly 20 years in sports, personal training and nutrition, but she is YOU!  I recommend Kate wholeheartedly, she is the best!" -Callie K.

happy mom and baby on beach  have fun while learning to walk and  make first steps

90-Minute Goal-Setting Session

You have goals. Maybe you want to look good naked (that's cool!) or you just want to feel better- physically, mentally, and in your everyday life as a mom. That means making yourself a priority. Let's explore how to build a plan to help you jumpstart your goals so you can actually see progress that you want!

  • We’ll look at your current lifestyle and habits so that we can create a plan that fits into that, not the other way around.
  • Let's dive into the motivation behind your reasons for wanting to make a change. What is going to drive you to embrace new habits so that you can live a healthier happier life?
  • You'll have a chance to ask me all of your fitness, nutrition and mindset questions.
  • Once you know your why, now we can create a plan of action to move in the right direction toward your goals.
happy mom and baby on beach  have fun while learning to walk and  make first steps

1:1 Custom Coaching

It's much easier to stay stuck in the trenches of life as a mom and forget about yourself than it is to make the extra effort to carve out space and time for you. But with a little planning and determination, you can get closer to achieving those goals for your health and fitness that have been put on the back-burner for who knows how long.

As your coach, it's not my job to tell you what your goals should be. I'm here to give you the guidance and support your need to reach the goals you decide on for yourself!

1:1 Coaching includes:

  • Weekly or biweekly sessions focusing on your fitness/health/wellness goals.
  • Regular check-ins (this might include form checks for workouts)
  • Email/chat communication between sessions for questions, concerns, etc.

*Spots will opening soon. Please join the waitlist for updates!

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