When Postpartum Collides With Perimenopause

when perimenopause suddenly collides with postpartum

What happens when you’re a new mom later-in-life and postpartum collides with perimenopause? Even though more and more women are having babies later, there’s still a lot to be desired of the support available to women over 40 in the postpartum period, let alone being sandwiched between the 4th trimester and perimenopause! To be honest,…

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5 Things to do Sunday to Plan for a Healthy Week

 Are you workouts the first thing to suffer when you’ve got a busy week? Do you resort to take-out or drive-thru meals because you didn’t plan anything for dinner? It doesn’t have to be that way! And before you say “but Kate, I just don’t have time!”, I’ll just say this: If you want something…

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