The Best Equipment for Home Workouts

Mom exercising at home with kids

Before I share what I think is the best equipment for your home workouts, I want to make sure you know that you don’t actually need any equipment to start working out at home. As a mom with little kids, a low barrier to entry will make it easier for you to get started and…

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When Postpartum Collides With Perimenopause

when perimenopause suddenly collides with postpartum

What happens when you’re a new mom later-in-life and postpartum collides with perimenopause? Even though more and more women are having babies later, there’s still a lot to be desired of the support available to women over 40 in the postpartum period, let alone being sandwiched between the 4th trimester and perimenopause! To be honest,…

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Why the No Excuses Mentality Doesn’t Work For Everyone

why a no excuses mentality doesn't work for everyone

I have a confession: I used to have the “no excuses” mentality. I worked in corporate fitness for 15+ years in several different companies, all of which provided onsite fitness facilities to their employees that made it that much more convenient to exercise. My coworkers and I would often talk about how we were surprised…

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4 Ways To Ease Postpartum Pelvic Pain

mom and baby

Did you experience lower back pain during pregnancy? What about pelvic girdle pain? Are you still experiencing postpartum pelvic pain even months after having your baby? I had some pretty significant pelvic girdle pain, specifically around my pubic symphysis, which is the joint right at the front of the pelvis. For me, it basically felt…

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7 Tips for Your Postpartum Fitness Journey

Postpartum Fitness

  If you’re a new mom, you are probably still getting used to being responsible for a small human. You may also be trying to figure out how to survive on little sleep and a lot of coffee. (we can sleep when they go to college, right?) So getting back into a fitness program may…

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5 Things to do Sunday to Plan for a Healthy Week

 Are you workouts the first thing to suffer when you’ve got a busy week? Do you resort to take-out or drive-thru meals because you didn’t plan anything for dinner? It doesn’t have to be that way! And before you say “but Kate, I just don’t have time!”, I’ll just say this: If you want something…

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