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Picture this:

It’s 6am. You’re awakened not by the gentle sounds of your alarm, but by a little voice down the hall telling you it’s time to start your day. You’re not even out of bed yet, but somehow you already feel exhausted. 


This was going to be the day you woke up before everyone else to start your new workout routine. But then you run down the mental to-do list of all the other “more important” things that you need to do today, and your workout gets shoved to the bottom of the list. Again. 


Cut to 4pm, and your body is longing for you to sit down, just for. One. minute. But nope, it’s time to figure out what’s in the fridge that resembles an actual meal for dinner. You know you should be trying to eat healthier, but you just can’t find the energy to pull something together so instead you opt for take-out. Again.


Everyday feels like you’re just going through the motions. Your energy is non-existent. You feel guilty that you’re not showing up enough for your kids. Nevermind how you feel about yourself at this point. So much for 40 being the new 30...

What if you could rewrite this story for yourself?

What if I told you that you can have more energy, feel less stressed, and be happy and confident in your postpartum body?


I know it's possible, because I've been exactly where you are.


My vision of what motherhood would be like was drastically different than reality. (Why doesn't anyone tell you these things?)


I thought I'd be back to workouts promptly after my 6 week "A-Ok" from my doctor...ya know, while my son was nappying exactly when I wanted him to--at the same time everyday. HA.


I thought I'd have plenty of time throughout the day to get done all of the housework, entertain a baby, and have well-rounded, healthy meals on the table every night. Oh, I was also going to make all of my baby's food organically. From scratch. Think again. 


I thought breastfeeding would help the baby weight just fall off, because that's what I heard from everyone else. I thought I'd be in such awe of what my body had done that I'd be totally cool with all of the changes to my new "mom bod". Yeah right.



I could have resigned to the fact that this was just life now.


Feeling like my energy was non-existent.


Feeling guilty that I wasn't giving my best to my kids. 


Wondering if I'd ever really feel "like me" again.

But then I decided that I didn't want to settle for that.

My kids deserved more. I deserved more.

me and brady


Today my reality looks much different. I’ve found the balance between the exercise that I used to love, and what works for my life that also makes my body feel good.


I don’t stress about doing “all of the things” in a day, and instead prioritize things like meal planning/prep and doing activities where I can include my kids. 


I’m still in awe of what my body has done, but I no longer have unrealistic expectations of what it should do for me- whether that’s from myself or from what society tries to make you believe.  Instead I love and accept where I am, while still continuing to make myself better. 



It is possible for you to:


  • Feel more confident in yourself as a woman and as a mother


  • Get rid of the negative thoughts about yourself and your body


  • Have time to focus on your health & fitness (and not feel guilty about it)


  • Finally feel like you have control of your life again


That's why I've created...

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In this program, you will learn how to ReConnect your postpartum mind and body, ReDefine your priorities for your health and fitness, and ReVitalize you from the inside out!


  • Discuss your initial postpartum assessment and address any high priority physical concerns 
  • Uncover the barriers that have been keeping you stuck 
  • Learn to reevaluate your current expectations of yourself 
  • Create a crystal clear vision of the future for your postpartum healing and fitness 




  • Define your priorities so that they align with your vision, and build your health and fitness goals around that vision
  • Create the actual plan that will help you achieve your goals  
  • Schedule/time management- creating the time to focus on you


  • Master your healthy morning and bedtime routines to maximize your sleep quality
  • Gain time-savings strategies for shopping and planning nourishing, energy-boosting meals
  • Learn the most safe and effective way to exercise for your postpartum body (and life!)
  • Discover ways to manage stress as it comes up in your daily life
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"Kate is a kind, knowledgeable, empathetic and inspiring health coach - exactly what I needed! Her gentle approach made it easy for me to create a plan that works with my busy mom-life without feeling pressured to exercise the way I did before having a baby. I loved that she gave me a safe place to share my health and fitness concerns and encouraged me to make realistic lifestyle changes. After working with Kate, I'm confident that I can maintain exercise as a priority in my life and create the energy I desperately need to keep up with my son!"

KIMBERLY LETONA, 7 mo. postpartum 

How We'll Revive You

What's included:

  • Initial Postpartum Wellness Assessment
  • 1-Hour Orientation Session to review your Assessment
  • 6 (bi-weekly) 1-hour sessions over the phone or video call
  • Personalized 90-Day Fitness Plan
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Access to a private client-only Facebook support group



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This program is for you if...

  • You’ve tried all of the “quick-fixes” and are ready for sustainable, lasting results.


  • You’re tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and out-of-shape, and you’re ready to finally make a change.


  • You’re motivated, but you’re looking for guidance and accountability to help you reach your goals.
Investment (3)


Payment plan available upon consultation.

Pay in full Bonuses (1)

Healthy Living Planner

  • A super useful tool to help you implement what you learn throughout your coaching experience.
  • Plan your healthy meals with shopping lists and weekly meal planners.
  • Track your daily food intake, and acknowledge your emotions and feelings around food with the daily food journal.
  • Record your fitness goals and log your workouts with the fitness tracker. 


60 Minute Exercise Assessment

  • An additional 60 minute session to make sure you feel confident with the fundamental exercise movements that make up the majority of your workout programs.
  • Video session that includes demonstrations and practice time for you for assessment, cues, and tips to ensure proper form. 

Why work with me?

Well for starters, I’ve been in your shoes. I’m a mom to three, and I know the struggles of navigating your postpartum experience, particularly after the age of 40. I understand the emotional and physical demands of motherhood, and I can help you create a plan that works for you and your busy life. 


As a Certified Postnatal Fitness Coach, I teach you how you can recognize possible pelvic health concerns, as well as help you determine a course of action for healing. Together, we’ll develop a plan for exercise that best fits where you are in your postpartum journey, that also aligns with your health & fitness goals. 


We know that your postpartum wellness is about so much more than just stepping on a treadmill or picking up some dumbbells. As a Certified Health Coach, I help you breakthrough the beliefs and barriers that are keeping you stuck, and discover your “why”.  You’ll have my guidance and support in creating practical, doable habit change that will result in lasting results.

KATE VOGEL, Certified Health Coach & Postnatal Fitness Coach

A few more reasons why this is the time to invest in you...

You’re confused about how and what to do to get started exercising, but you're serious about making it happen!


You’re tired of your pelvic floor dysfunction keeping you from exercising and making daily activities more difficult, and you're eager to enjoy life again! 


You know that your health is about more than getting your “pre-baby body” back, and you're focused on regaining your confidence!


You don’t want to miss out on your children’s lives because you can’t keep up, so you're determined to do whatever it takes to be the best version of you!