Struggling to Make a New Habit Stick?

woman standing by the sink with a full glass of water and a metal straw

Do you struggle with making a new habit stick? Do you go all in at the beginning only to fall off the wagon a few days or weeks in? Establishing a new habit is hard, there’s no doubt. And you can’t expect it to happen overnight. In fact, research suggests that it takes an average…

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Reduce Stress and Increase Energy With This 5-Minute Trick

reduce stress and increase energy

Stress. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid: bringing home a new baby, adjusting to mom-life, dealing with the rollercoaster of hormones… Too much stress affects you in so many ways- everything from cravings to quality of sleep, to your energy level. But with as little as 5 minutes, you can actually reduce stress and increase…

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