November is National Bladder Health Month

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Did you know that November is National Bladder Health Month?? (TBH, I only just recently found that out).I know, you’re probably thinking “there’s a month for everything now!” Probably true, lol. BUT, what a great opportunity to talk about something that is so prevalent for women who’ve had babies, yet is not talked about nearly…

The Connection Breath: Why Every New Mom Should Be Using It

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connection breath

Breathing seems pretty easy, right? Most of the time we’re not even paying attention to it happening. So what exactly is the connection breath? And why is it so important for helping the function of your core and pelvic floor postpartum? There’s more to your core than just abs… When you think of your “core”,…

7 Tips for Curbing Emotional Eating

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7 Tips for Curbing Emotional Eating

Are you new mom struggling with emotional eating at home, or while you’re at work? Deep down, you probably know that you’re not genuinely hungry, but you snack anyway! Settling into motherhood and navigating all of the emotional and physical changes going on, not to mention the stresses of everyday life can really do a…

Crunchy Peach Pots

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For breakfast or an anytime snack. (Vegan option included) Ingredients 1 peach peeled and cut into bite-sized chunks 150g pot Greek Yoghurt ( or coconut yoghurt for vegan option) 2 tbsp puffed/popped quinoa 1 tsp honey (replace with maple syrup for vegan option) 1 tablespoon mixed nuts (optional) Method In a short glass layer the…

Egg Soldiers (without toast!)

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A much healthier way to enjoy your eggs Ingredients 1 soft-boiled egg 5 spears of steamed asparagus OR steamed green beans Method Cut the soft-boiled egg in half and serve with the steamed asparagus or green beans for dipping.

Rosemary Fries

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Ingredients 1kg/2lbs of potatoes 3 tbsp coconut oil 4 large sprigs of rosemary pinch of cayenne pepper Method Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. In a shallow roasting pan, add 1 tbsp of the oil and place in the oven to heat up while you prepare the potatoes Cut potatoes into chunky chips/sticks Pour the…

4 Ways To Ease Postpartum Pelvic Pain

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mom and baby

Did you experience lower back pain during pregnancy? What about pelvic girdle pain? Are you still experiencing postpartum pelvic pain even months after having your baby? I had some pretty significant pelvic girdle pain, specifically around my pubic symphysis, which is the joint right at the front of the pelvis. For me, it basically felt…

How Can Breathing & Posture Affect Your Pelvic Floor (Part 2)

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woman doing a pelvic tilt

Yesterday we talked about your pelvic floor and all of the important jobs it holds (literally!!) Your pelvic floor is responsible for controlling bladder and bowel function. The muscles of your pelvic floor also help to keep all of your organs inside. These muscles also help with stabilization, working with your diaphragm, and other abdominal…

What is your Pelvic Floor? (Part 1)

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Before I was pregnant, I didn’t give much thought to bladder leakage problems or issues with pelvic pain. I mainly associated that with the commercials I saw for older women wearing “adult diapers”…Needless to say, I didn’t know how important it would be to get to know my pelvic floor. Cut to me in the…

My 4 Favorite Smoothie Recipes

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smoothie recipes

Can’t get enough fruits and veggies in your meals? Smoothies are a great way to pack ’em in a quick and easy breakfast or snack. If you’re not a huge fan of greens, you can toss some into your smoothie without messing with your flavor too much. Get wild! ha… It’s been 80+ degrees that…