Energy. Strength. Confidence. Happiness. 

You deserve it all!


Find your strength and confidence after baby!
Postpartum healing & fitness for new moms over 40

Helping new moms over 40 improve your fitness, create healthy habits, and renew your confidence.

As a woman over 40 and a mom, energy and strength are must-haves to deal with all that life throws at you on a daily basis! Improving your fitness will help you do those everyday tasks with ease and make it through the day without crashing.

I help you create health habits that become a part of your lifestyle so that you can stop spending time stressing about food, doing workouts you hate, or beating yourself up for "cheating" on your "diet". Let's renew your confidence so that you can celebrate your strengths and enjoy life!

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Hey there! I'm Kate

A certified health coach, personal trainer and postnatal fitness coach helping new moms rock life after 40!

I work with amazing moms over 40 who want to return to exercise, get fit, and find their strength postpartum.

I know what it feels like to struggle to find the motivation to start exercising, to make the time to focus on you. My mission is to help you love yourself again and do it in a way that feels good!

Become the strong, healthy mom you deserve to be.

Being a new mom is hard!

The idea of starting a fitness routine can be overwhelming, but it's so, so worth it.

I'm here to help you navigate your journey!


Download these free core workouts to help you strengthen your core and pelvic floor postpartum.


We can work together and make progress much faster to achieve your health and fitness goals.


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