Postpartum Strength Training: Things to Consider Before Getting Started

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postpartum strength training

I don’t have to tell you that basically everything about your life changes when you bring home that tiny human. From physical changes that your body goes through (seems like something new everyday, doesn’t it?) to the mental and emotional challenges of adjusting to your new role. When you finally feel like you’re ready to…

The 5-Minute Trick That Can Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

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reduce stress and increase energy

Stress. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid: bringing home a new baby, adjusting to mom-life, dealing with the rollercoaster of hormones… Too much stress affects you in so many ways- everything from cravings to quality of sleep, to your energy level. So is it really possible to reduce stress and increase energy even when you’re…

The (Not-So) Secret Way to Boost Your Postpartum Energy

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boost your postpartum energy

#Momlife’s got you feeling tired all. the. time. Coffee is your best friend. Right now you’re lucky to have the energy to do the things you NEED to do to get through the day, let alone have any extra leftover to do the things you WANT to do. So this for you, because I’m sharing…

5 Ways to Get More Rest (Even If Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping Through The Night)

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Get more rest

You know sleep is super-important. You’ve heard all about how fatigue can affect everything from cognitive function to cravings. You get it, you need sleep. But what if you’re still getting up for multiple night feedings? What if you’ve got a not-so-great napper? That’s why today’s post is all about realistic ways to get more…

5 Things to Know About Postpartum Fitness

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Postpartum Fitness

There’s really no way to be totally prepared for postpartum, right? There were definitely times where I felt like I was living in someone else’s body. Returning to (or starting) a postpartum fitness routine can feel a little overwhelming. And one of the things that surprised me the most-especially in the beginning- was how weak…

November is National Bladder Health Month

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Did you know that November is National Bladder Health Month?? (TBH, I only just recently found that out).I know, you’re probably thinking “there’s a month for everything now!” Probably true, lol. BUT, what a great opportunity to talk about something that is so prevalent for women who’ve had babies, yet is not talked about nearly…

The Connection Breath: Why Every New Mom Should Be Using It

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connection breath

Breathing seems pretty easy, right? Most of the time we’re not even paying attention to it happening. So what exactly is the connection breath? And why is it so important for helping the function of your core and pelvic floor postpartum? There’s more to your core than just abs… When you think of your “core”,…

7 Tips for Curbing Emotional Eating

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7 Tips for Curbing Emotional Eating

Are you new mom struggling with emotional eating at home, or while you’re at work? Deep down, you probably know that you’re not genuinely hungry, but you snack anyway! Settling into motherhood and navigating all of the emotional and physical changes going on, not to mention the stresses of everyday life can really do a…

Crunchy Peach Pots

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For breakfast or an anytime snack. (Vegan option included) Ingredients 1 peach peeled and cut into bite-sized chunks 150g pot Greek Yoghurt ( or coconut yoghurt for vegan option) 2 tbsp puffed/popped quinoa 1 tsp honey (replace with maple syrup for vegan option) 1 tablespoon mixed nuts (optional) Method In a short glass layer the…

Egg Soldiers (without toast!)

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A much healthier way to enjoy your eggs Ingredients 1 soft-boiled egg 5 spears of steamed asparagus OR steamed green beans Method Cut the soft-boiled egg in half and serve with the steamed asparagus or green beans for dipping.